"Positive Skill Development And Youth Mentoring."


Through the arts of Video/Music Productions and DJ'ing, our goal is to promote, support and assist teens in the community by helping them with personal growth and development. We aim to educate our youth on how to make responsible decisions that will keep them out of trouble through the use of our mobile youth vehicle.

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 DJ'ing / MIXING

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Photo Slide Shows

    Photo Slide Shows


    Television show produced, filmed and edited by Teens for Teens. FDyC goes to different communities showcasing their local talents and awareness. Teens gain experience of what it's like work on a Television Production Show.




    Why Future Development Youth Center?

    FDyC believes that youth will choose for themselves a fruitful and stable future if they are given the opportunity to pursue their creative interests in a productive manner. Under the guidance of positive mentoring and role models, we believe that youth can learn responsible decision making skills.

    These goals are met through our programs, and other activities such as offering volunteer and community service opportunities. By choosing to deliver our programs through the arts of Video/Music Production and DJ'ing, along with positive mentoring, FDyC sees youth not only engaged but excited.

    By using our Mobile Youth Center, we can engage youth in the places where they hang out: teen centers, schools, churches, parks and more. We believe that any street corner can become a focus for personal growth! We provide a safe environment where youth can reach their full potential while developing their creative skills.

    In 2014 Frankie Woods founded a youth program in Davis, California called FDyC (Future Development Youth Center) to mentor under-served youth in the communtity that needed guidance, direction, focus and purpose. With Frankie's twenty-year background in music production, DJing and videography, and a passion for mentoring youth, he took it upon himself to marry his experience with his desire to give back, and thus the FDyC program was born.

    Frankie developed a number of programs for kids aged 12-19 in the areas of music production, video production and DJing. Companies and organziations have hired Frankie and even his students to create videos, PSAs and music for their various organziations. What an amazing thing to get youngsters real-world experience!

    Please help us in our efforts to develop the future youth of tomorrow.